Japanese Knotweed Eradication & Land Remediation

Japanese knotweed talked about on Inside Out [video]

Mark Jordan meets the families whose homes are being destroyed by the invasive Japanese knotweed. He asks if scientists can stop this foreign invader.


Sorry if you miss this; it’s only available for a short time – essentially it talks about how Japanese knotweed can wreak havoc to land and property and their value. It also looks at the possible development of control by a special knotweed-eating insect, Aphalara itadori, the Japanese knotweed psyllid.

Councils, land owners and property owners and prospective buyers, don’t get caught out! If you think there’s any chance you have knotweed, contact us. We have offices covering the whole of England (and will also visit you in Ireland and the Channel Islands) – call us for advice! We, PLR Ltd, guarantee knotweed eradication. We also get rid of other invasive species.