Japanese Knotweed Eradication & Land Remediation


PLR Instant Japanese Knotweed Eradication

All PLR instant solutions will  guarantee you a Japanese Knotweed-free site

Instant solutions are fundamental when time constraints are a key factor! As such, we offer a variety of solutions and choose the best one for your circumstances.

Dig and dump eradication

PLR Ltd are Environmental Agency Approved operators
PLR Ltd are Environmental Agency Approved operators

PLR offer a complete total package solution providing the plant (machinery), transportation and disposal needed to clear your land.

We are Environmental Agency approved and fully licensed controlled waste carriers, so you can be sure your land will be cleared.

Soil screening

With this option, the Japanese Knotweed contaminated soil is filtered on site leaving  clean backfill on your site.

Please note this solution is dependent on soil type and site conditions.

Cell burial

Instant and economical method, restrictions such as site size, water levels and the area to be developed will need to be taken into consideration.

On site stock pile/relocation

With this process, Japanese knotweed is excavated and relocated on site to a new location distanced from the development area and then it eradicated in-situ in its new on site location.

Please note this method is reliant on the dimensions of the site and is not suitable for smaller sized developments.

Geo-textile non-permeable membranes

If an engineering solution is necessary we provide a proven protective barrier to prevent reinfestation. Membranes can be used independently or in combination with all PLR eradication methods depending on site requirements and constraints.