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Mortgages pulled after banks discover knotweed

Those looking to buy or sell homes are seeing deals fall through at the last minute upon the discovery of Japanese Knotweed, and others have been told that their homes have plummeted in value after insurers refused to pay out, BBC’s Inside Out revealed.

Examples: Mr and Mrs Jones discovered knotweed growing in their house and its value was subsequently cut in half from £300,000 and another first time buyer had her mortgage pulled when the bank became aware of Japanese knotweed on the property she was about to buy.

Full report from the London Evening Standard

Seen a plant that looks like Japanese knotweed and worried about selling your house or getting a mortgage? Call PLR Ltd or send us a picture or video: we can let you know in the first instance if a further look is needed. If it does turn out to be knotweed (or any other invasive weed), we can eradicate it for you – guaranteed!

(Not sure what Japanese knotweed looks like? Click here for our gallery.)