Japanese Knotweed Eradication & Land Remediation

Training Feedback – Japanese Knotweed

Here is just one of the comments we’ve received after a training session!

“The subject was very well presented by Peter Doove [Managing Director of PLR], MSEE, who was very informative about this subject.

I feel the many officers and Members who attended were certainly made aware of how dangerous this weed can be. He used examples, for instance if Tesco had not had a survey carried out prior to laying down a car park, the weed could have destroyed the car park within two years.

Another example he used was the vacant plot in Sackville Road, which he confirmed had Japanese Knotweed on it. For the sake of the town, I hope this is going to be acted upon.

I feel sure that, for those who missed the training, Jonathan Cornell could arrange another session.”

Councillor Paul Lendon, RDC Councillor, Bexhill St Stephens Ward
01424 225430

See full article from Rother District Council’s site here.